We provide budgets in diferente suppliers, developing alternatives for your choice.


Information about the most favorable and convenient commercial conditions to assist your demand, with smart Solution and cost reduction.


• Your purchase team can count on alternative budget comparatives, analysing quality, price and many other conditions of different suppliers of the European Market to support your right decision.

• In case your product is unusual, we seek along our partners gobally.

• Our team can guarantee the best deal conditions for your company, managing delivery time, budget and payment deadlines directly with the supplier.

This service is an essential part of good assistance, as a correct and real budget to your needs is extremely important to guarantee the delivered goods in time and right conditions respecting the delivery procedures.


We follow the lead time, the receipt of the material in our own warehouse and control the quality and quantity of the good, coordinating the whole delivery process.


•The lead time of each order is controled by our team directly in the manufacture, guaranteeing their fulfillment.

• Our warehouses are prepared to receive goods carefully, with trained employees to control the quantity and quality of the received goods.

• Each received material is especifically packaged and stored according to its characteristics.

• We follow up and coordinate the whole order process along with your team.

• We are responsible for issuing the shipping documents following specific instructions of our customers and current rules of the destination country.

• We are responsible  for planning consolidated shipments or individual containers, according to the needs and urgency of each demand.

• We are also responsible for urgent delivery, courrier (door to door).